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Welcome to the new web page for the Minnesota Section of the ACS

Become a Science Coach!
ACS is looking for Chemists, including retired Chemists, to become "Science Coaches". Applications are now open on a first come/first served basis, and will probably close around mid-August. There are many ways of being a Science Coach with a teacher in a local school. See the web site http://www.acs.org/ and look under the box labelled "Science Coaches" to learn more. In brief:

1. You will need to contact a local science/chemistry teacher (can be high school or middle school) and arrange with him/her to be a Science Coach. You can choose one of several roles (check the ACS web site above for more information). To find a teacher contact, you can try the web sites of local schools and ask teachers directly, you could try asking friends and neighbors who have children in school, or ask Barbara Barany for help (baran005@umn.edu), or contact Marty Davis (marshalldavis@spps.org) about St. Paul schools (where the need is great). Let the teacher know that you want to be a Science Coach and you need a teacher to partner with. 

2. You make 6 visits to the school over the year. What you do is up to you and the teacher.

3. Once you are both signed up, the teacher's school receives $500 from ACS.

4. The teacher needs to be a member of AACT, the ACS group American Association of Chemistry Teachers. They can join online at http://www.acs.org/ (the AACT link is at the bottom of the page).

5. AACT membership costs $50 for the teacher. However, the Minnesota Section Seniors group will pay this membership fee for the first five teachers that sign up, just let Lynn Hartshorn know at lghartshorn@stthomas.edu.

Please consider doing this. Your expertise and knowledge could be of great help to teachers!