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September 14th: 3M Tape... Making the Sticky Come Alive!

Speaker: Dr. Ramesh Kumar and Dr. Sarah Mullins, 3M Company

Location: Macalester College; driving directions are to exit I-94 at Snelling Ave. and head south. At St .Clair Ave. (a stoplight street), turn right and turn right (north) along the athletic field. Olin-Rice Hall of Science is at the north end of the athletic fields (has observatory on the roof). Park in any Macalester lot. The Smail Gallery of Olin-Rice is in the center of the building on the second floor. Enter either from the north or south entrance into the building. The handicapped entrance is on the lower level on the north side. Take the nearby elevator to the 2nd floor. The lecture will be held in the John Davis Lecture Hall of the Campus Center, at the southwest corner of Snelling and Grand. The closest parking is in the Immanual Lutheran Church parking lot on the east side of Snelling (also a Macalester parking lot). https://www.macalester.edu/about/maps/pdfs/macalester-print-map.pdf

Time: 5:00 - 6:00 pm Executive Committee Meeting (205 Olin-Rice Science Hall)
6:00 - 7:15 pm Social and Dinner (Smail Gallery, Olin-Rice Science Hall)
7:30 - 9:00 pm Seminar (John Davis Lecture Hall, Campus Center) 

Cost: $15 member / $5 student

Menu: Davanni's Pizza - pizza, meat and meatless lasagna, salad, cookies/rice krispie bars, assorted sodas and water

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Deadline: Sept. 7th, 2017

Abstract: Dr. Sarah Mullins will describe briefly construction of various kinds of sticky tapes (pressure sensitive adhesives) and their uses in industry, construction, automotive, health and consumer areas. Dr. Ramesh Kumar will describe various chemistries and chemical processes used in making pressure sensitive adhesives and release materials to unwind a sticky tape.

Speaker Bios: 

Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Academic Record:  Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh (India), 1978; Ph.D. in Fluorine Chemistry with Dr. Jean’ne Shreeve, University of Idaho, 1981.

Professional Employment:  2015 American Chemical Society Fellow. A member of prestigious 3M Carlton Society (In the 113-year history of 3M, there have only been 179 scientists and engineers appointed to this group). 3M Corporate Scientist, highest technical position at 3M (2010 – present), Senior Division Scientist (2004 – 2010), Division Scientist (2000 – 2004), Senior Chemical Specialist (1994 - 2000), Research Specialist (1989 - 94), Senior Research Chemist (1987 - 89), Materials Resource Division, 3M.  Assistant Professor of Chemistry (1981- 87), Baldwin-Wallace University, Berea, Ohio.

Technical Contributions: My technical expertise is in the area of low surface energy materials used for Low Adhesion Backsizes for tapes and release liners.  My contributions encompass silicone, hydrocarbon, and aqueous-based chemistries.  The families of materials which I have developed provide unique differentiation to a large number of 3M’s iconic pressure sensitive adhesive-based product platforms.  Author of 55+ issued U.S. patents protecting these contributions and published 27 journal articles. 

Volunteer Service to the ACS Community:Committee on patents and related matters and subcommittees (2012 – present), Local MN – ACS Awards Chair (2012 – present), Councilor and Alternate Councilor (2002 – present), MN- ACS nomination committee and Chair, MN –ACS student affiliate and student mentor (1997 – present), MN-ACS Chair, MN –ACS Executive Committee (1998- 2014).

My wife Kanta and I enjoy walking and hiking together and have hiked in China (17,000 ft.) and Machu Pichu (9500 ft.) and have vacationed in several places around the globe including Brazil, Peru, Alaska, and Caribbean.  

Dr. Sarah Mullins

Academic Record:  Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley (2001); B.A. Chemistry, Northwestern University

Professional Employment:  2017 American Chemical Society Fellow. 3M Company:  Advanced Research Specialist (2015 – present), Research Specialist (2008 – 2015), Senior Research Scientist (2001-2008).

Technical Contributions: My technical expertise is inorganic synthesis, reaction kinetics and inorganic materials development.  My academic work focused on design of organometallic compounds to control reaction mechanisms with small organic molecules.  At 3M, I have worked on catalysts for adhesives, development of new inorganic materials used in a broad set of applications, including nanocomposites, biomedical detection, and abrasives. 

Volunteer Service to the ACS Community: MN -ACS Councilor (2006 – present). MN-ACS Project SEED Coordinator (2011- present), ACS Committee on Minority Affairs (2017), ACS Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs (2006-2016), ACS Committee on Communications and Public Relations (2011-2016), MN ACS Chair Government Affairs Committee (2004-2010),MN –ACS Executive Committee (2003- present).

In my free time I enjoy cycling on Minnesota trails and parks system and travel to find good food and kayaking in North and South America and Europe.

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